Welcome to the Monkey House

The secret to freedom


In 1952, a scientific study was done on Japanese Snow Monkeys, known as Macaque, living on the island of Koshima in Japan. Scientists provided the monkeys with sweet potatoes that had been dropped in sandy dirt. The monkeys enjoyed the taste of the raw sweet potato, however found the dirt unpleasant. One of the monkeys cleverly found that she could solve this problem by washing off the potatoes in a nearby stream. She showed this trick to her mother and her fellow playmates, who also learned this new way and went on to teach their mothers too. This cultural innovation was gradually passed on and picked up by various monkeys through observation and imitation.

Over a period of time, something startling took place. There were approximately 99 monkeys on Koshima Island who had learned to wash their sweet potatoes… Then it reached one hundred. It was the reaching of this crucial number of monkeys, when the scientists observed the most surprising thing of all: that the Macaque monkeys’ learned habit of washing sweet potatoes, had somehow jumped over the sea to the other islands. This behaviour was being demonstrated by other monkeys across the oceans.

Colonies of monkeys on other islands and the mainland began to wash their sweet potatoes, without ever encountering the initial Koshima Macaque that they could have learned this behaviour from. It was concluded that there was a certain critical number of learned monkeys, and once this number was achieved, the new found awareness was passed on into the other monkeys’ collective consciousness. The added energy of this hundredth monkey somehow created an ideological breakthrough in the universal consciousness of the monkeys, and the newfound ability of washing potatoes for evolutionary purposes, was transferred to the collective conscious of monkeys. This phenomenon is known as the Hundredth Monkey Effect.

Imagine if you will, we are living in the year 2046. The sky is red and the clouds are black. Our ocean has turned red. Large airborne machines hover above feeding crops. Large cities still exist, but now the buildings are so tall they disappear into the sky. These buildings are where the humans live. Housed in the towers, the humans are energetically plugged into an energy source, feeding on the crops. These crops, which spread for miles, are specially designed to feed the new human hybrids. Radiation is rampant throughout the atmosphere. To run at its optimum, Artificial Intelligence needs radiation to be at high levels. Radiation is a requirement for the information superhighway to run effectively. The internet has grown its own intelligence and rules the earth.

The few human Rebels left, the ones who can still think independently, are left wondering, how their parents allowed this to happen…? These Rebels’ energetic vibration is undetectable to the machines. The Rebels have developed immunity to the effects of the Artificial Intelligence grid. These Rebels are still fighting to free the Earth. Like the Macaque monkeys of 1952, the Rebels are still conscious, learning, curious beings.

The Rebels meet regularly to discuss ways to survive in such dubious, hostile times. Food and clean water is scarce, and most of the rivers and lakes are contaminated with waste and radiation. The Rebels discuss matters of the heart, and ways to raise the awareness of the many humans locked in a hypnotic zombie-like state. They theorise that if they can somehow wake up enough humans to the truth, they will raise the overall collective conscious awareness, and this will be their key to freedom.

By 2015, it was realised that things on earth really needed to change. Back then, the Earth was still beautiful. Although many people were concerned, not enough was  done, and the agenda of Artificial Intelligence was allowed to continue its rampage of destruction.

The Rebels gather around the small fire to keep warm. One of the Rebels stands up, and reads an article written in 2015. Most books have been destroyed, but this writing has survived.

The article was written in March of 2015. It reads:

We must continue to fearlessly share knowledge and truth with each other. To aid in our collective awakening. Raising our vibrational energy and remembering our divine nature, and the power of the multi-dimensional universe. More and more people are waking up to the lies, evil and deception running rampant on Earth.

Science and technology have brought about a life threatening situation on Earth. Modern technology has tremendous capability of being used for good and evil. We have reached a significant moment in history. For the first time we have the necessary capability, technology and resources to address almost every fundamental problem on the Earth, including vital concerns about nourishment, health, education and the environment. Everything is in place for saving the Earth and its people. However, the hindrance to change, is the imbalance of power. We, the people, have given our power away to a malevolent force. We have forgotten who we truly are. Powerful beings of light and love. To bring things back into balance, an upgrade is urgently needed in the collective human consciousness. 

There is a global agenda fuelled by the dark side. There are plans for a one world government to rule the earth. This global government is known as the New World Order. This New World Order will give the global elite full control of the earth and its resources. If we allow this to happen, we will lose all our freedoms and human rights. Life in the world as we know it will be changed forever.

This dark side agenda, the disease of addiction and the energetic mental disease affecting the human race are all interconnected.  A solution to this mental disease is to develop immunity. Simply by bringing this knowledge to our conscious attention builds our immunity. Immunity to the constant bombardment of physical toxins, energetic and mental attacks. Subliminal messages, thought programming, thought interference, and thought manipulation, are constantly occurring around us through many different mediums, on many unconscious or subconscious levels. When we begin to free our minds of this slavery, we can begin to heal our minds from the insanity being emitted upon us.

The secrets to healing can be found in prayer, reconnection to the metaphysical world, and in our spirit animals. Learning to become present, spending more time in our heart space, and coming back to a place of love. By challenging our mindset, we all have the personal power to transform our lives.

There is a global agenda working on preventing the consciousness awakening from occurring. If the dark side succeed, everything that makes us uniquely human is at grave risk of being lost. Suicide, mental health concerns and addiction have reached pandemic proportions. Many of us are searching for answers in all the wrong places. Life is meant to be joyous, not something to endure or escape from.

Many of the souls most affected by this imbalance of light and dark are the Light Workers of the world. Highly sensitive, we are intuitive and empathetic. Here for a reason, we seek freedom and truth. We have a conscious awareness about ourselves, which helps keep our minds and hearts open.

Consciousness is a form of divine intelligence. Spiritual in nature, it is our birth right given to us when our soul enters our body. From there, we become conscious beings. Spiritual beings having a spiritual experience. Consciousness is not to be confused with Artificial Intelligence, which is the complete opposite; a form of intelligence void of divine consciousness.

With technology growing exponentially, doubling every 18 months, we are at risk of Artificial Intelligence taking over and consuming the Earth, moving its intelligence from the technological world, into a new species of human being. One devoid of love, compassion and human emotion. A soulless breed of hybrid human is at risk of being bred into existence.

Conscious living is becoming aware of our sole purpose. Growing awareness that all forms of natural life contain consciousness, and everything is interconnected, including the metaphysical and mystical world. The more we raise our energetic vibration and utilise our natural protection, the less likely we are to be negatively affected and programmed. We can and must free ourselves from the Matrix.

The universal laws are readily available to us if when we tap into the universal grid. By working together and raising our energetic vibration, this encourages a strong sense of identity within self and society. We need to unite in freedom and truth. It’s time to tap into our personal power and step into our life’s purpose.

We owe it to ourselves, our children and humanity. Please wake up now before it is too late. – Gita


The Rebel reading this aloud now sits back down around the fire. No one says anything; they are all in agreement. They will never give up, they will continue their fight to free humanity.

Like that first monkey washing its sweet potato it lead the way for universal change. Our own human consciousness is a gift. We must continue to awaken.


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