The Power of Focus


The Power of Focus and Clarity of Mind

Just for today, I will use the power focus on my recovery. I will focus on making shit happen. I will focus on creating my dream life. One step at a time.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the New.” – Socrates

How is your focus? Focus is one of the fundamental secrets to success. As the saying goes, “never lose your focus or eye on your target”. This concept of focus was reinforced for me on when learning to jump my horse for the first time. The advice was simple; stay completely focused on the target ahead, not the obstacles below, or the jump itself. Clear focus was fundamental to landing the jump successfully. Without it, my horse ran the risk of stumbling and tripping over the trotting polls before he even made the jump. I was responsible for holding this place of trust and focus to ensure we both made it smoothly over the jump.

This same concept of focus can be applied daily to our lives. Our personal life goals, dreams, and life in general. Becoming aware of this and practicing mindfulness amongst the many distractions, daily stresses and demands on our attention. These distractions take away from our ability to focus, which in turn leads to the inability to achieve our goals, maintain successful recovery and create our dream life. Awareness of these distractions and working to limit them will assist us to maintain better focus. The universe is always supporting and pushing us to live out our greater life purpose and most fulfilling life. It is also testing us regularly. It tests us to ensure we are ready for the next step on our journey.

One of life’s greatest lessons is to accept life on life’s terms. Reframing our perception of our personal heartaches, problems and challenges. Take some time for personal reflection, and write down your pains and your problems. With problems there is always a solution; this is the law of duality. Ask yourself: is this a test from the universe? What is it trying to show me? Sometimes it is to test our character, inner strength, or humility. The universe needs to trust us like we trust it. It may bring us a person, situation, or experience to support us, or for us to learn from and grow from.

Choose to live in the moment. Look up at the stars at night and take in the sunrise. Transition is always challenging; Cease your complaining, this is behaviour that does little to serve or empower us to grow into the person we need to be. Turn off the ‘idiot box’ and turn life on; look within for answers. We all have the personal power to make decisions that serve us beneficially on a daily basis. When we master this, we are able to move into perfect alignment. We grow into the person we were born to be. As a result of meeting our needs first, our ability to serve and meet the needs of others improves as well.

There is no short cut to becoming the best version of person that we were born to be. We all have to roll with the punches. Feel the pain and fear, and do it anyway. We can’t buy, steal, borrow or ride on the coattails of someone else’s success, achievements, personal power, courage, faith or truth. They will sniff it out a mile away, and will resent who ever does this.

Many of us can sense the strength of character, perfect balance, self-belief and personal power in others who have achieved this level of self-awareness. Some of us are blessed to know someone who has turned their life around and are now an inspiration to others. These leaders tend to be strong, fluid and focused people. They don’t sit around on their hands, waiting for shit to happen. Relying upon or wishing for a rusty or silver spoon to magically appear to feed them sugar and spice. They use their teeth, and if they don’t have teeth they use their gums, to tear holes in the status quo. They are grateful, resourceful, and creative. Driven to self-improvement, self-discovery, and determined to make a difference in the world. They have worked and smashed through limiting beliefs, and maintain a specific mindset that sets them apart from the crowd. They have mastered the ability to look through binoculars onto a barren land, and see abundance and opportunity. They see the world as their oyster, they refuse to buy into the belief the world is a fearful and unfair place. They do this by simply refocusing what they think about and changing the way they look at their reality.

Their unique courage and confidence opens our minds to what is possible. This either attracts and inspires us, or rattles the cages of our boxed-in lives. It brings to our attention the self-imposed limits and limiting beliefs we have placed on own life, our sense of self and perceived identity.

These leaders who appear fearless: they “feel the fear, and do it anyway”. Some of them have been to hell and back, and they live to tell the story. They share pearls of wisdom with the ones who are willing to listen. These leaders stand in their personal power and truth.

We all have the ability to grow into the unique person we were born to be. To tap into our own personal ‘X factor’. We can do this by reviewing our lives regularly which will assist us with this process. Setting firm boundaries is a must. We must get clear on our values and set personal boundaries with others. By choosing to take this leap of faith to step into our personal power, the rewards reaped are significant. If you are no longer willing to be a victim, then this is your time. We can change our lives, mindset and situation in an instant by making choices that empower our greater purpose.

Along the hero’s journey, we need to review all aspects of our life, and this includes a review of our tribe. The people we spend the most time with. The people we love, the ones who often stroke our ego and in turn encourage us to play it small. It does nothing to serve the world by living in fear or playing it small. Ask yourself the big questions – who is my tribe? Are they inspirational, or ‘Debbie Downers’? Be honest with yourself, are you hanging with a tribe of ‘Debbie Downers’? What’s the secondary gain from hanging with these people? Don’t blame them, or try and change them. It’s up to you to change yourself.

Let go of the need to complain. Cancel the pity party, throw out the cheap box of wine, tissues, double expresso mocha and chocolate cake. Just hurl it out the window and kiss your abs. Look in the mirror and say “hey you. Yes you. That’s right you friggen Rock!” You have the power to make shit happen in your life. Yes, YOU. No-one else is going to do this for you. Peel your arse of the lounge and start making shit happen.

First make a plan and get clear on your goals, dreams, and get inspired. Invest in your life. Life is not a dress rehearsal. Make it count. Get resourceful, tap into the best professionals in the field, the leaders who can help and guide you. Invest in a life coach or therapist who is making shit happen in their own life. Go get a mentor and seek out role models to connect with on a regular basis. Reach out for guidance, knowledge and help. Surrender your life a higher power because – drum roll… sometimes your ego doesn’t have all the answers that serve your highest good. Get clean and sober, and stay clean and sober. What is going to take? Go find the binoculars from grandpa’s drawer, stand amongst the chaos, and choose to focus on your new life and destination.

Change your life. One step at a time. There has never been a better time than now. Don’t tell me the sky is the limit,  there are footprints on the moon. The sky is certainly not the limit, as its true nature is to forever expand, turning into the infinite universe. There are no limits on the universe. Let’s together unite as one, skip hand in hand along the edge of the sand. As we crawl, walk, stumble, and learn to run and jump again. No matter how we choose to live out our lives, it is inevitable that we end up leaving footsteps along the sand, on the earth, and even some on the moon.

Let’s choose to unite for the greater good of humanity. Leaving behind footprints of change, light, love and compassion, not steal toed boots of fear, pain and darkness. It’s time to wake up to a higher consciousness. We have the ability to change the course of history. It doesn’t have to end in cold, dark, nothingness. This is the time, Now is the time to wake up and refocus on what truly maters. The footsteps of humanity have taken us far and wide. Into barren lands and onto the highest of mountains. What is our legacy going to be? What is it going to take for us to wake up to truth? Let’s choose – just for today to leave footprints on the edge of sand that count for something. Yes we have the power to leave imprints within the rich tapestry of the universe, and poems amongst the stars. The universe and its intelligence is our greatest gift and resource right now. Tap in, trust it, it is infinite.

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